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Kid Leather 10cm X 10cm (4” X 4”)

Available in a wide range of inspirational colours.

This leather is very fine, ideal for use in embroidery and a variety of other crafts.  Can be stitched with a fine embroidery needle –no need for a leather needle, or a fine machine needle.  In goldwork, stitch down flat or use over felt or string padding  It can also be ruched, scrunched, pleated and textured.  For a unique effect, dab or spray with paint.

The range of surface finishes foil or metallic can be used in goldwork to create various effects by being stitched down flat or stretched over felt or string padding.

Price :            £4.00  Each

                    £14.00 For any 4 squares

If you require larger pieces, please telephone Carolyn on 0121-705-3031 or email for a quote – any size up to a whole skin.